Names | Age | Title | Football Team 

Jordan, Training Officer – 23 – Sunderland

Joe, Training Officer – 26 – Newcastle YANITED

How long have you worked at First Contact?

Jordan – August 2015

Joe – June 2015

What was your role before joining First Contact?

Jordan – Door to door sales on behalf of Scottish Power.

Joe – Customer service with EON.

Did you have any previous experience in sales or training before First Contact?

Jordan – In Sales yes but not training so it was a completely different role for me to adapt and grow in!

Joe – I’ve previously done sales insurance and upselling in gas and electricity for EON. I didn’t have any training experience but since our training and development manager, Fiona, has joined the company we’ve had loads of support to improve and continue to develop.

What is your favourite section of the training to deliver and why?

We both love delivering the sales training, we love going into the psychology of the buyer and the seller. We do some great group activities which give the new starts a better understanding of the sales role – it’s a fun way to learn and teach!

First Contact has recently re-vamped its training, do you think this has helped any of our new starters?

Yes, we’ve noticed a considerable difference from when we started the new course in 2018 to our courses in 2017. We’ve found agents are hitting the ground running a lot quicker – the first training course in 2018 were the second top selling team on their second day dialling!

For people thinking about applying for First Contact, what can they expect from the 2-week training course?

Our two-week training course has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere as we want to make everyone feel welcome and involved. We work closely with each training course over two weeks and cover various topics from learning about the product to developing new sales techniques. You will meet all the team leaders & management, so all faces are familiar, and you’ll even be given free lunch on day one!

Lastly, do you think you need to have previous experience to excel at First Contact?

Obviously having previous experience with a proven track record of hitting targets is fantastic and will help you progress in this role, however it’s not essential. We believe our training and assistance from not only us, but the management team, can mould anyone with a drive to succeed into a great salesperson. We love seeing an agent who’s never done sales before absolutely smashing it out on the floor!

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